Saturday, April 2, 2011

Investment Account Manager

Investment Account Manager (IAM) was designed by professional money managers and used by investors Worldwide since 1985. IAM provides extensive investment tracking and portfolio management tools that can help the average investor manage his or her portfolio. Investment Account Manager has several comprehensive features that can save time, help you to avoid mistakes, while leading to better portfolio management decisions, such as a centralized secure portfolio management that manages all of your accounts on your computer.

Investment Account Manager has comprehensive investment tracking features for a variety of asset types: cash, money market funds, US Governments, agencies, tax-exempt bonds, corporate bonds, options, common and preferred stocks. Portfolio Setup Wizard provides step-by-step portfolio creation. You can download your current balances and transaction activity from your financial institution. Investment Account Manager  provides a detailed transaction accounting for: purchases, sales, dividends, interest, expenses, universal stock split/dividend, spin-off and mergers, tender/exchanges, return of capital, dividend reinvestment plans (Drips), security transfers, short sales. IAM also has more than 40 professional reports summarizing your investments: current holdings, unrealized gains/losses, sold positions & realized gains/losses (tax filing), income received (tax filing), capital gain distributions, commissions paid, security allocation, portfolio diversification, portfolio cash flow projections, tax basis, performance measurements, asset maturity schedule, transactions ledger, and more. Investment Account Manager has multiple portfolio management, which separately track each of your investment accounts. IAM collectively manages all of your investment accounts, graphs your portfolios' performance, income, asset allocation, diversification, and maturity schedule. Investment Account Manager also provides a fundamental ratio analysis for common stocks, portfolio asset allocation analysis, including the proportional impact of mutual fund holdings as well as analysis of your performance using the time-weighted internal rate of return method and then compare your result to the market indexes. IAM also has a security lot assignment: first-in first-out, last-in last-out, average cost, specific identification Data importing /exporting to other popular applications software including the most popular spreadsheet and word processing programs.

Whether you're a seasoned investor or a novice, you'll find IAM to be a comprehensive and intuitive portfolio management software tool that will greatly enhance your ability to manage your portfolio.